Bloody Diamonds Monsters 7 Inch

SCAN0006 (2)

Bloody Diamonds
Monsters 7″

The cover of the album has a simple based design and the cool part is each album is numbered with only 100 being released. The other neat part about the album cover is the fact that all the printing is painstakingly screen printed on. The album itself is white vinyl and for some reason the copy that I bought from the band is not warped and misshaped around the edges.

The recording on the album isn’t the best of quality that you might expect from a new 7″ pressing. You do however get a download card for a digital issue of the songs as well inside of the package.

The two songs that you find on the album is Monsters on Side A and Bright Lights Darling on Side B.

A simple yet heavy guitar riff leads off Monsters, The same riff appears throughout the song and becomes the main driving force of the song. The vocals from Sara are quite impressive throughout the song, the way she goes from a sweet and smooth sound and move straight into a raw and abrasive sound gives the song a cutting edge. Sara finds a spot to mix in a quick couple of tremolo bars as well. Around the three minute mark one of the highlights of the song hits for me as they burst into the last bridge of the song with a wicked sounding guitar lick.

Bright Lights Darling starts off with a straight forward guitar lick which flows throughout the song. The extra sound of the keys gives the song a bit of a different sound. Sara throws around a bit of anger into her vocals for this one. For the most part the Sara sings in her regular voice but the anger breaks out definitely put a nice edge to the song. Throughout the song the bass and guitar works together to give a steady and heavy rhythmic sound. There are a couple of breaks from the rhythm where Ian hits with a guitar solo. To finish off the song Bloody Diamonds finishes it off in a nice strong fashion.