The Good Boys Single Malt Shop 7 Inch


The Good Boys
Single Malt Shop 7″

This has to be the best packaging that you ever going to find for a 7″ release. Normally you get a single cover or a simple white sleeve, but with The Good Boys you get an entire fold out book which simulates the newer way we find our cd’s packaged. On the inside of the book The Good Boys have placed the lyrics to each song on either side of the book.

The album itself has Single Malt Shop on side A and Not What You Think on side B. In matching with their sharp dress attire Side A does just that. Digging deep into the Doo Wop era The Good Boys add a special pop blend to the song as well. The vocals in the song is probably what you are going to be attracted to the most in the song. The Analog feel to the song draws a curiosity as well. The deep bass sound in the song drives the song along with a flowing effect and over plays the gentle sounds of the electric guitar in the song. The snapping of the fingers is a nice noticeable effect as well.

Now Side B offers a total different aspect into The Good Boys sound by giving off more of a pop sound. The guitars and vocals are definitely more vibrant than Side A. There are a couple of vocal similarities that you can draw from Side A especially coming from the backing vocals in the song. The catchy guitar hooks are also something that you cannot shy away from either.

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