The Shanks When My Ship Hits Christmas Day 7″


The Shanks
When My Ship Hits Christmas Day 7″

While flipping through the selection of 7″ at Rotate This my eyes couldn’t ignore the photo on the cover with this one. As I’m sure you have been staring at the photo above for a couple of seconds before reading this review you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The album itself is a classic black style with a red inner circle with a picture of a whip that circles around the center hole.

Bringing a heavy influence of Brit rock the Shanks have recently released their inch release with When My Ship Hits Christmas Day on Side A and German Heavy Metal Girl on Side B.

When My Ship Hits Christmas Day finds itself on side A of the album. The intro to the song sounds if it is a mix of 80’s Brit Rock and 90’s alternative. As the song progresses I found that there was more of a 90’s alternative sound to the song especially within the rhythm of the song. The Backing and Lead vocals gives the song a different touch and feel altogether. The Trumpet was an extra touch to the song as well. You would think that the trumpet would stand right out and not belong in the song at all but this isn’t the case it actually fits into the song quite nicely.

My favourite track on the album is German Heavy Metal Girl on Side B. If I didn’t know that The Shanks were from Toronto you would swear that this was a British Import. The vocals is what screams out the Brit Rock for Me. The heavy distortion on the rhythm is what really caught my attention the first time I listened to the song. There is something about the cymbal crashing that grabs my attention throughout the song as well, I think it has something to do with the distortion in the song as well. The Backing vocals adds a decent sounding effect to the song as well especially towards the end of the song, it really gives the song a 80’s feel.