Album Reviews



VII Days 2 Perfection – Losing My Faith


Abigail Lapell – Demonstration Recordings

Acrobat The Unbelievable Truth Agpak Mum
All Else Fails – The Oracle
Amanda Rheaume – Even When Amanda Rheaume – If You Never Live Ape – Survival Of The Fittest Art Of Chaos – Lucid
Art Of Dying – Self Titled Animal Confession – Bright Light, Dark Eyes AM Radio – Self Titled Alex Leggett – Sharks

Albatross – Happenstance

All Else Fails – Fucktropolis

American Beauties – Too Worn To Mend

alexei martovAlexei Martov
 august yorkAugust York – Swimming Upstream  Reflections-album coverAnnie Sumi – Reflections  Abandin All Hope - Final Act Of SelflessnessAbandin All Hope Final Act Of Selflessness  adrenechrome-tales-from-adrenechrome-2015

Adrenechrome – tales from adrenechrome

skylightcdcoverfrontweb A Devil’s Din
 A-Rebel-Few-Album-Cover-192x192A Rebel Few
As The Crow Flies


Beautiful Inferno – Gasoline Rainbow
Bellevue – Lost In Space
Bellevue – The Road To Recovery Ben Rough – Concrete River
Big Jeezus Truck – Mechanicsville
Big Sugar – Revolution Per Minute
Boswalos – Self Titled
Breathe – Afterward
Broadcast Radio – Hallways Of The
Twenty First Floor
Buckman Coe – Latest Waking
The Burning Hell – Flux Capacitor
BlacktopJumper – Hitchhiker
Blind Mule Born Broken – The HealingPowers Of Hate Breached – Left Behind

The Balconies – Fast Motions

The Boston Boys – Idea Of Love

Bubonik Funk – Odd Fish

The Bros. Landreth – Let It Lie blind raceBlind Race – Come And get it
 the black atlasThe Black Atlas  the bone chimes

The Bone Chimes

 walkinginthesun_ep_cover1x1The Blue Dolphins – Walking In The Sun  broomfillerBROOMFILLER Third Stage Propeller Index
 Bad-Citizen-Citizens-RiseBad Citizen-Citizens-Rise  Black-Absinthe-Early-Signs-of-Denial-300x300Black Absinthe
Early Signs Of Denial


Canteen Knockout – Broken Down Town Cavity Greg – Turn It Down Charge Of The Light Brigade– We Haven’t Been Properly Introduced Cold Driven – Set In Stone
Cold Driven – Steel Chambers Cold Driven – The Wicked Side Of Me   Compound – Self Titled Crash The Machine4 a.m – Young Love  Chosen – Resolution

Cleaver – Illusion

CRIMSON SUN - Towards the Light

CRIMSON SUN – Towards the Light

 Celestial Ruin Pandora CoverCelestial Ruin
 coverCleopatrick 14  crissinger_blues_epression_itunes_Crissinger Blues Expression


 Double Experience – 721835 Day Street Brothel – Self Titled Day Street Brothel – The Good Girl You Were
Deviod – One Voice
Dynahead – Chordata II
Dan McKinnon – As Soon As Possible
Doll – Into The Dollhouse
Death Toll Rising – Infection Legacy
Drowning Girl – Bang
 Doll – Ragdoll Diaries  Donalyn – Donalyn II Daylight For Deadeyes – Summer
Daylight For Deadeyes – New York

Daddy Long Legs –

The Devil’s In The Details

donalynDonalyn – Paralells  dioni
 INOURBLOOD3000x3000The Decoys
In Our Blood
double_experience_-_unsaved_progress_album_cover (1)Double Experience – Unsaved Progress



Ensuing Silence – Entropy
Erica Viegas – Where My Heart Goes
The Express & Company The Elwins -Self Titled
Edge Of Attack

Electric Eye- Pick-up, Lift-off, Space, Time

Engloria – Evolver

Expain – Just The Tip

Elana Harte & Stiletto Flats

elderothElderoth – Mystic EVERTRAPPED Under The DeepEvertrapped – Under The Deep


Fallstaf – Bastard Sons Of  A Pure Breed The First Time – Taking Breaking Down Fourthwall – Self Titled Fourthwall – The Truth Lies Here
 Flash Lightnin’Self Titled  Farewell Davidson – Hotel Lights Fugitive Underground – True Spirits Fire Final Trigger – Skrap MetalVol. II
Flash Lightnin’ – For The Sinners Fatima Redics – The Aftermath the feed outsiderThe Feed – Outsider  Fall Your Way CD cover WEBFrank Viele – Fall Your Way
 fuck-the-facts_desire-will-rot_coverFuck The Facts – Desire Will Rot



The Gentelmans Club – The Servant
Gina kaz – For You
Green Go – Borders
Greg Ball  Excessive Until August


Goodbyemotel – People EP

Gregory Hoskins & Gary Craig –
The Map Of Above The Map Of Below

gutter honey Gutter Honey  gobGob Apt. 13
guitar heroGuitar Heroes Stony Plain Records

The Glorious Sons – The Union



 coverThe Get Ahead – Volcano
 groombridgeGroombridge Boy From The Golden City


Hayley Stark – Get Over It


Helcion II

Hey Ocean
It’s Easier To Be Somebody Else
Hotel Lights – Self Titled

Hue – Starting Fires

 The Harpoonist &
The Axe Murderer
Checkered Past

The Harpoonist &

The Axe Murderer

A Real Fine Mess


Hek – Please Tease Me

 5-HIBRIA-400x400 (1)

Hibria – Self Titled

 coverHays Code
Self Titled


Insurrection Prototype

Inner Surge – Signals Screaming
Infighter – Self Titled
Intercept – Yellow Dog
Intercept – Magnolia Road
Intercept – Symphony For Somebody Else
In  & Outs – Zero Gravity In The Guestroom (Lee Casement)
idol of fear Idol Of Fear – All Sights Affixed, Ablaze


jay sewallJay Sewall Duets 1

James McKenty And The Spades – Let It Grow
James McKenty And The Spades – Burning On Fumes
Jets Overhead – Bridges
Jim Armstrong Junction Rd
The Johnsons – Gypies For Life
Joy Thief – Buried Under Dream Jake Chisholm -Diamond In A Coldmine JW-Jones – Belmont Boulevard
the JackobinsThe Jackobins Ghosts Ep  Jordan just like autumnJordan Leser – Just Like Autumn  2v0y0lzJon Cohen Experimental – Passion Pilgrim


Katelyn Dawn – The Window Kill Matilda – I Want Revenge Kittie -Funeral For Yesterday  Kris And Dee – Bloom
Kevin Breit & The Upper YorkMandolin Orchestra – Field Recording kill-matilda-punk-zombie-rocknroll_imagelarge (200x200)Kill Matilda-#Punk #Zombie #RockN’Roll  kolony-artwork (1)

Kolony Sledge

kate copelandKate Copeland Recollection Room
Layout 1Kris And Dee A Great Long Game  kennanKennan Moving Company – New Colors


Lacklustre – The American People
Laugh At the Fakes – One Night Only Lisa Bozikovic – Lost August The Light Brights -The World’s A Changin’
Loud Love – Seven Days To Shine  The Lad Classic – Lightning EPWritten By LimestoneLive.Ca Larry Wilkes – Step Aside Lucid Skies – Hounds
The Lad Classic – Thunder

laugh at the fakesLaugh At The Fakes –

Dethrone The Crown

Lyon Apprentice Be Honest Be Wild Be Free laika_1-front_cover-_smallLaika
 littlefootlongfootLittle Foot Long Foot – Woman


Lazyeyes – New Year

 coverLiam Mackenzie and Young Rust  LeavethelivingLeave The Living – Pacifist


 like_animals-feralLike Animals Feral


Machine Kind Mad Ones -Burning Window Magneta Lane Dancing with Daggers Magneta Lane – The Constant Lover

Mahogany Hand Grenade –

Return To The Point Of Departure

Manuela – A Different Kind Of Fire

Marching Mind

Mark Wilson – The Endless Elevator Tour

Matt Beal –

Contributions For An Atom Bomb

Matt Hughes – Self Titled


Mediocre Robot
Meghan Morrison –
Dara’s Wedding Tour Album

Meghan Morrison We Are All Born Naked

Mire Inward/Outward

Mississippi Kings

The Micronite Filters – Puff Go the Dragon’s Mystic Fires

The Marquee White Room

the methodThe Method Melanie-Peterson-Unbreakable-CoverMelanie Peterson – Unbreakable
Merkebah-QC-Album-300x300Merkabah Ubiquity  FolderMr.Moonshine  The Mama Rags

The Mama Rags – Hectic Electric

 Album CoverMelanie Peterson
Anywhere From Here


Nadia Von Hahn -Wait And See What Happens Album

New Age Soldier

North East Bistro – Committed

New Jacobin Club – Soldiers Of The Mark
 lamb-ep-album-cover-low-resNadia Kazmi Lamb  Nowfrago_ILWTB_Front[1]

Nowfrago In Love With The Blackbird


One Way State The Right Time

odiumOdium Terraform  cover_HD

Omega Diatribe Abstract Ritual




Sanktuary Something Fierce

Sassparilla – Pasajero and Hullabaloo

The Scarlett Fever

scoti, slate, good fight

Scott Donnelly Latest Releases

Shortwave – Self Titled Album


Sinister Twin Black Palace

Smile Case – Lose Our Heads

Soulstack – Five Finger Discount

Sovereign Council New Reign

Starewell – Broke And Out of Money

Steve Strongman Let Me Prove It To You

Sticky Henderson – Life On  The Sideboard

Stone Iris Illuminations

Suns Of Static – Begin Again

Suns Of Static Rise


The Scarlett Fever

The Best Ten Months of classics

The Spades – Burning On Fumes

The Superstitions  – Fearless EP

The Swear – Every Tricks A Good One

The Spades – Let It Burn

The Strain Hush Hush

Sex Ray Vision –  Buckle Up

Soul Track Mind – Unbreakable


 Sarah Smith the journeySarah Smith – The Journey
Sardu-SatP-album-coverSardu – Standing of the Precipice  Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar - Send The Nightingale Cover artSamantha Martin & Delta Sugar

– Send The Nightingale

 Laniakea_Front_Cover_Final_grandeSovereign Council – Laniakea apocalypse-meowSecret Club Apocalypse Meow
slow down molassesSlow Down Molasses – Burnt Black Cars  cover

Steady Legend

 stanfieldsThe Stanfields Modem Operandi SILENT_LINE_COVER_small

Silent Line Shattered Shores


Scissortooth Novagomorrah

 sateSate Redblack And Blue sludgehammerSludgehammer
The Fallen Sun
 Steve-Hill_2016-04Steve Hill
Solo Recordings Volume 3

Striker Stand In The Fire