Concert Reviews


Airbourne with the Glorious Sons and One Bad Son
Agpak Mum / Owl Farm / Peelander Z
Agpak Mum/ Paint/Vorasek
Alan Jackson with The Harters
Alice Cooper with Anvil
Anvil Mansion 2012
Anvil Ithron One Day To Live Earthbound 2015



Bullmoose Reunion Show 2014
Basalisk with Greg Shier and Sex Ray Vision
Beginners Guide To Endings Cd Release Show 24/11/2012
Bend Sinister
Blaze Bayley with Rusted and Rise Of Dissension 14/10/2014
Ben Caplan/Jp Hoe Runaway Dish 12/02/2013
Bellevue with Brad Sucks
The Besides, the Zeds, Jonas Lewis Anthony 15/02/2014
Big Sugar with Wide Mouth Mason
The Bros. Landreth Live At The Artel
Big Sugar with Wide Mouth Mason November 2011
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings, 11/11/2012
Blue Rodeo KRC 2014 with The Devin Cuddy Band
Blue Rodeo KRC 2013
Born Ruffians 
Brad Sucks
Bright Light Social Hour/ The Great Augustus/Illawara/ The Ascot Royals
Burton Cummings


Campfire Liars Club August 2012
Campfire Liars Club
Canadian Guitar Festival 2009
Catl Album Release Party
Clockwize Sound, The Elwins, Nich Worby
Colour Color and Modern Superstition
Cuff The Duke with Hooded Fang

Cuff The Duke with Odd Years 2013
Chris Koster 7 inch release party
92.1 CJAI Island Radio Benefit Concert
Colin James Live @ The Grand Theatre 27/11/2013


Danko Jones Merchant Tap House 1/03/2014
Daniel Wesley Merchant Tap House 2012
Daniel Wesley / Rebel Emergency
Default / State of Shock
Day Street Brothel Cd Release Party
Day Street Brothel Live @ Overtime 20/1/2012
Day Street Brothel with Revmatic, Laugh At The Fakes, Buckshot Ritual
Day Street Brothel with Laugh At The Fakes, Nonexistent 13/03/2013
Dead Silence Tour, Billy Talent, Sum 41, Hollerado, Indian Handcrafts 09/03/2013
Doll, Beautiful Inferno Kasey Ferguson
Die Mannequin with Doll
Die Mannequin with T3rr3strial, The Indecent 29/03/2013
DIY January 2012
Doll 06/20/11
Doll/ The Balconies / Gutter Honey 2012 
Doll/T3rr3strial/Tiger Uppercut 24/05/2013
Doll with Scarlette Sins



Gigantour with Megadeth, Motorhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil
Golden Dogs with The Main Sail 21/01/2011
Golden Dogs with Taylor Knox and The Kodeines 20/03/2015
Gordon Lightfoot
Grady With The Spades 10/31/2009
Grady/The Spades/ Tom Savage Trio

Kris and Dee with Greg Ball


Man Cub / Take Me To The Pilot / The New Cities 2012
Marianas Trench Down With Webster 28/03/2013
Matt Barber
Matt Good with Daniel Wesley
Matt Good The Gentlemen Husbands @ The Grand Theatre 2013
Meridith Shaw with Patrick Ballantyne




Vagabond Opera 31/01/2010
Vorasek Album Release Party

Vorasek with Stuck On Planet Earth and Waterbodies


Wide Mouth Mason with Silverosity
Wide Mouth Mason with The Balconies and Glorious Sons
Will Currie and The Country French 08/02/2012
White Cowbell Oklahoma with Rustic Fuzz
White Cowbell Oklahoma with Spitfist and MeatHook
White Cowbell Oklahoma with Radio Mama and T3RR3STRIAL
White Cowbell Oklahoma, Sex Ray Vision, A Town In Caves 2013
White Cowbell Oklahoma with Mokomokai and Conan and The Romantyks
Wolfe Island Music Fest 2011
Wolfe Island Music Fest 2012
Wolfe Island Music Fest 2013




Young Rival with The Elwins 16/11/2012
Yukon Blonde with Young Rival
YGK Fest 2012 with Bloodshot Bill, Teenage Frankenstein, Dr.Zonts
YGK Fest 2012 with  Kalle Mattson with Amos The Transparent,Man Cub and Stuck On Planet Earth
YGK Fest 2012 with Sandman Viper Command, Little Foot Long Foot,


ZZ Top with Flash Lightnin’ 03/03/2015