New Jacobin Club Soldiers Of The Mark

New Jacobin Club

Soldiers Of The Mark

Soldiers Of The Mark by New Jacobin Club is a definite diverse listen. It took me a couple listens through the album before I was able to comprehend their sound, and I’m sure I still don’t entirely understand it all. There is a sheer mix of different genres and sounds thrown into each song. At some points in time if the songs were sped up just a little bit you could probably call a couple of the songs punk songs. 

The album starts off with “The Mark”, just to further my point in many different sounds and genres this song is a perfect example. The Theremin makes quite an impression in the song throughout, and for me helps push the walls of a gothic rock song then anything else. The guitars from The Horde is where the song goes awry but in a good way. When I listened to the song for the first time it threw me off the trail of the song, especially at the two minute mark where The Horde pretty much throws in a very quick heavy surf riff which bounces away from the main rhythm of the song. 

“Angel MMXIV” is the one song that I would go ahead and call a punk song. The opening riff is what first leads me to make the statement. The tempo doesn’t stay the same throughout the rest of the song but it does have the energy to carry it through. I would have like to hear a little more anger, well not so much anger but more aggression in the vocals from Poison Candi in the song. Also I would have liked to hear  the vocals as a whole sound out a little bit louder in the song they are almost lost in behind the drums and guitars. The guitar solos are kept to a bare minimum in the song and don’t seem to overplay or try to overshadow any other instrument in the song.  

Now for a bit of a darker sound “Into the Fire” is the song that you will want to check out. The song opens up with a Cello solo from The Luminous after a few strums of the guitar from The Horde, The Horde keeps up this slow strumming pattern as The Luminous is playing her solo. Slowly the solo begins to get overshadowed from background noise as New Jacobin Club builds the song up. One thing for sure is the rhythm of the song is what really drives the song. The emotional vocals from The Horde and along with the backing vocals fits in nicely within the song, I found the vocals interact greatly with the instrumental aspect of the song. The bridge work after the three minute mark is something to give a listen to, I like how they didn’t over work the guitars in the break when there was a couple of quite obvious spots where it could have been done. 

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