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Vorasek, Paint and Agpak Mum Show Review

Thursday night at the Mansion brought Paint, Vorasek and Agpak Mum.

Each band brought their own style and genres to the stage. To Open up the night Vorasek took to the stage, which they started a little bit before 9:30. I was surprised to hear music coming from upstairs as I pulled into the mansion, usually music doesn’t start until at least ten or later. But by the time I finally got upstairs the guys had already played three or four songs. Vorasek is a three piece outfit from Kingston, at first I thought that they were a High School band because they didn’t look all that old but I found out that they have been playing together for a little bit of time now. They jumped around between Rock and punk, as I listened throughout the set you could hear influences from the seventies within the guitars and by the way he presented himself with a couple of moves his ties with early rock lies deep. Pat seemed to like adding in a few pick harmonics, some spots the songs could use the sound and other spots the song was battered around a little because of it. For their next show I would probably drop the addition of the keyboards within their set, The Keys stood out for what their music didn’t. For having the entire stage to themselves they used up a lot of the space by moving around, but for how their music sounded they really needed to stand away from mics a little bit more.

Onto the stage second was Paint. I was interested in hearing how Robbs vocals were going to sound live compared to the album version. The difference between the vocals was very minuscule in comparison, Robb only added a little bit of delay in the vocals but did most of it himself. He really likes to back and forth to create the sound himself. There was a couple of songs which I was hoping that they were going to play I should have asked before they went on stage (Jenny and Maurice) in particular. The set list was already designed by Marcus since it was his birthday.  The set  included songs from their release Can You Hear Me? And we got to hear a couple of  newer songs as well which included the song Vampires. Throughout their set it looked as if Marcus’s feet were glued down to the floor because I don’t think that he moved from the same spot all set long. You could see Robb looking at him to see if he was going to move at all but he just moved on and shared the stage with Mandy who was jumping of the drummers platform and pretty much not standing in one spot for more than ten seconds at a time. This was the first show at the Mansion where I have seen  a band have their own “:guitar tech”. I have to put that in quotation because at the start of the night he handed both Mandy and Robb guitars out of tune. I was hoping to hear more of Paint than when they played but that is the way it goes with time limits. Hopefully they will make their way back to Kingston sometime soon.

Agpak Mum finished out the night in a dance party. It didn’t take long for Agpak Mum to fill up the dance floor a little bit. About halfway through the second song after the intro they had the audience on the floor. One thing about Agpak Mum is you never know what Daniel is going to be up to next. At the start of the show he was dancing in front of the stage then he would go back to his Keys then dancing  in front of the stage again. They also had an addition to the band as well tonight with a marionette of Justin Timberlake joining them on stage, I just hope the doll wasn’t any of theirs because if it was I just lost all respect for the guys in band.  I really still haven’t decided on how to describe their sound proficiently enough yet they just have that sound where you just have to listen to decide for your self. I am still shocked at the fact that their sound is derived from Winston on Bass, this is probably the one of a few bands where the bass guitar is a major factor within the bands sound. Near the end of their set Dylan all of a sudden left the stage and left a mannequin body in place of himself. He came back onto the stage within a minute or so with a bit of a clothing change. At the end of their set people were calling out for more but the house music came on so that was the show.