Practice Sessions with Liquorbox

Recently I had the opportunity to sit in a practice sessions with Liquorbox

Being located just outside of the downtown core in a hot and stuffy attic apartment Liquor box are able to compose themselves into a round in the back half of the room. The partially stripped down and unplugged version of Liquorbox practices songs off of their upcoming release, old country favourites, and songs which will make you look twice at what country music is all about. Practicing twice a week for about two hours a session the guys go through their wide barrage of songs, this night they covered enough songs to cover at least two full set lists. One aspect about the practice which I found interesting was how they choose the songs which they are going to play, J.T chose the first song then the option went around the room in a counterclockwise motion.

What took me for surprise during their practice was the wide range of songs which Liquorbox can perform, from Hank Williams to Lummox and their own songs. Liquorbox can perform to almost every crowd there is. As I talked to the guys outside during a break they explained why they know and are able to perform such a wide variety of songs.  The interview which I had with Liquorbox can be found below with the videos from the evening.

When they opened up for The Creepshow the other week, that was the first time which I took in a Liquorbox show, and I couldn’t get a couple of their songs out of my head for a few days. Two songs which I still can not get over is “10,000 Beers” and “Fucking in the Butt”. Just by those two titles you can gather what I mean by how Liquorbox can play a wide variety of songs for different listeners

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