Soul Track Mind - Unbreakable
Soul Track Mind - Unbreakable

Soul Track Mind has an Unbreakable Groove that is driven by the fused sounds of R&B, Jazz, Funk and Adult Contemporary Rock. 

The album starts off with “Ode To Youth” which is a slick and smooth with enough pulsating beat  to setup the energetic entourage of songs for which your ears about to embrace. Donovan Keith’s vocals clearly brings out the smoothness in the track, and adds a touch of Soul as well. Jonathan Zemek on the guitar brings the funk to the song, I really like how the guitar is recorded in the track. At certain points the guitar reigns out and stands above all the other instruments, then in other areas the guitar creates a flowing stream of sound for which helps give the rhythm an extra kick. The instrumental work at the 1:20 mark is my favourite segment in the song. 

During the intro of “Foolin’ Around” points directly to Soul Track Mind’s ability to infuse Jazz, R&B and Funk in an instrumental mix. The bass groove in the song is the backbone for which the song relies on throughout. When you take the trumpet work that plays in the beginning of the song and also appears a few other times,  to me sounds as if it is ripped right out of an 80's hip hop song.  

“Remember Me” brings down the tempo and the mood down in the song for a short little bit. Donovan is still able to create a livability in the song with his vocals but is still grounded a little from the instrumental aspect of the song. The horn also helps raise the mood a few bars as the song progresses but also helps create the shifting mood throughout the song. 

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