A Devil’s Din One Hallucination Under God

A Devil’s Din
One Hallucination Under God

A Devil’s Din picks up right where their last album left off. Their psychedelic blend of Rock and Blues still blares right out of my speakers every time I have put this album on, either being in my car on my way to and from work or my situated computer space. The fuzz that comes from this album is cleverly blended and also pushed forth throughout the album. I found the mix between the fuzz and dilated vocals and the bass a interesting mix in One Hallucination Under God.

The album starts off on a rhythmic tone with the opening track “Eternal Now”. The Bass guitar for brings the rhythm throughout this track. I wouldn’t say the entire rhythm is based upon the bass guitar however as I found myself going through the song over and over again I found that the drums are also tasked along with the rhythmic tone of the song. The subtle changes in the drums do add a nice and thick layer to the song. I imagine there are two sides to overall finished sound of the vocals. They do give off the psychedelic feel and tune to the song, but for myself I found I was lost on the vocals as they are a little hard to interpret throughout most of the song.
The next song keeps up with the rhythmic tone with a track titled “Brave New World”. Right away I enjoyed the vocals quite a bit more, the legibility of the vocals are way performed in a better manner for my ears and mind to compress and take in. I really found that the Bass guitar popped out quite a bit more during the vocals as well. The backing vocals throughout the track adds a well rounded and thickening layer to the lead as they hit each and every time. Another particular reason why I enjoy the vocals in this song as much as I do is the wide approach which are taken in the vocals. They give the song its aged feel and takes away the need for the fuzz. I also found that with this vocal approach it gives the track a U.K sound as well.

Home is another song that stands out to me on the album as well. The rhythmic hook during the song is pretty strong. I also like how the lead guitar hooks into the rhythm of the song in a few spots. The vocals are also tracked a little differently as well compared to the previous songs. There is more character I found hidden within the backing and lead vocals.

One thing that I would like to learn from the guys is how they chose their instruments, recording equipment and environmental surroundings. More importantly on how they directed their energy and sound into the album. I could only imagine the possibilities that surrounded them as they began to write and record this album.