A Devil’s Din Skylight


A Devil’s Din

Now here is a pyschedellic haze of an album with the release of A Devil’s Din brand new album titled Skylight. The infusion of sounds and atmospheric tones and amplitudes exemplify the experimentation within A Devil’s Din. Trying to pin point an exact reference or even to narrow the list down to a few bands would be a daring task to take upon. If this album was placed onto a crackling and popping vinyl album it would definitely fool me thinking that this album was recorded last year and released in 2016. Skylight is driven with hooks, and melodies and sprawling lead playing. I bet seeing these guys play live in an open air festival would be quite the experience.

As I listened through Skylight for the first time I quickly found a favourite song with “Bow To Thee”. The instrumental hook and the rhythm in this track caught my ears instantly. The laid back sound within my favourite hook varies compared to the breakout which the song occurs later on. The vocals also have had some extensive tweaking done to them as well, it would be interesting to see the studio work and equipment involved to make the vocals sound the way they do. The vintage mid sixties to mid 70’s dirty and distortion really adds a flare to the track. The reverb in the vocals also hit a special and certain aspect closer to the ending of the track as well.

Throughout the album you may notice how you may dig or fade away from the vocals. I found it really depended on the song at the time and how your mind and ears are meeting. Sometimes I really dug the vocals especially how they coincide with the guitars than other times I thought maybe if they were recorded in a different manner they may have popped a little more. Especially when it came to the soft, mellow and drawn out eras. Case in point in the fifth song “Absurde” at the three minute mark the inducing lead vocals are met with a scathing backing vocal part which is the offset to the oncoming lengthy bridge.

Track seven “Nature Of The Beast” you have to listen to the keys in this track.

Going back to seeing these guys play live and going beyond what you may encounter out in the audience. I would be really interested in hearing how A Devil’s Din manoeuver and accentuates away from the recorded versions of the songs on Skylight.