A Rebel Few As The Crow Flies

A-Rebel-Few-Album-Cover-192x192A Rebel Few
As The Crow Flies

As The Crow Flies is the debut album from A Rebel Few, and what a debut album it is. Each song are jammed with guitar riffs and licks some with higher energy than others but they still get the job done. The heavy Rock vocals from  Chris Raposo Packs right onto the excitement and energy from Guitars and Drums throughout the album.

As The Crow Flies opens up with a heavy handed Alternative Rock or Hard Rock song “Born Again” depending on your scope of genre classifications. The Intro caught my attention the second I listened to the song for the first time. For me a big deal with what makes this song work so well is the tones of the guitars. They give “Born Again” the attitude throughout the track, and almost push out the drums for the strengthening sound. Another note is the rhythm throughout I really like the sound of the rhythm and also the overall tempo of the rhythm. There is a couple of things that I would have changed with the drums in the song. I would have definitely put more of a heavier beat and sound when the song breaks with just the vocals and kick drum. It just need more of an authorities sound to help push over the vocals in these couple of spots.

Up next is the title track for the band “A Rebel Few”. It’s not too often you see bands naming a song after their name. The guitars standout as the leading factor in the success in the track. In a few of the riffs I thought that I was going to hear a pick harmonic thrown in at the end of the lick. The timing in the track is also a big factor on what makes this song work the way it does. Seeing this song live I could easily see the guitar solo at the 2:30 mark being stretched out more than how it appears on the album.

“Said “n” Done is my second favourite track off of the album. The Chanting lyrics only appearing in shorts bursts does its job and grabs your ears. That and the intro into the track between the drums and guitars should catch you as it did me.

You have to check out the guitar work in “Serious”. The track is about two minutes longer than most tracks on the album, which pretty much lets the guitars open up throughout the track.