Abandin All Hope Final Act Of Selflessness

Abandin All Hope - Final Act Of Selflessness

Concentrating and establishing a distinguished polished sound to a Punk/Rock Album Final Act Of Selflessness from Abandin All Hope does just that.

Throughout the album the production sound from the album is one of the highlights with each song. This goes the same for the final mix of the album as well, the levels between the guitars, drums and vocals are placed equal with each other. The album is not a full on punk album there are a few different qualities that separate Final Act Of Selflessness from a straight punk album. Also Abandin All Hope uses a few different techniques and different punk elements to give the album its own separate edge. This album would have definitely made its mark in the late 90’s alternative movement but now don’t go looking this album over because of this fact. There is definitely the skater aspect to the album that is embedded throughout the album with the many guitar solos and leads. The Vocals keep the guitars and drums in check. The vocals are where I found the highest polished end of the album comes from. The timing in each song proves to be quite important as well especially when it comes to the solos and leads. They must have spent a quite a bit of time working out the timing with the vocals. The countdown sequences come into use to show the timing in use as well.

Now how could one ignore a song title such as “Karma’s A Bitch”. The song itself is quite addictive as well. The intro sets the song up perfectly. The intro will surely take you back to earlier punk bands including Gob as one of the main influences. For me the vocals are one of the driving forces behind this track, but it’s also a tie between the guitars as well. Between the chanting and the harmonies the backing vocals provide a great extra layer in the song and really help push the lead vocals.

If I had a choice with what song I would choose as a first single and to send off to radio I would definitely go with “Poisoned Apple”. Once again the lead and backing vocals really drive the song. It would be interesting to know how long and how many different takes they did on the vocals especially with the backing vocals. The guys also experiment with the right to left fade with the guitars as well, it’s a short spot but is quite noticeable and does a solid movement for the song. Now going back to the intro, this is where I feel radio would show their initial interest with the track. The guitars have more of an alternative sound with the power and buzz of excitement. The bass guitar also gives the song a decent boost in the song, the bass guitar also sneaks in a bit of a solo as well during the first bridge.