Adrenechrome Tales From Adrenechrome


Tales From Adrenechrome

Released tailing on the end of November 2015 Tales From Adrenechrome is Adrenechrome’s follow up album from their 2012 Debut Ep Hideous Appetites.

Every now and again I get an album that bends and twists the way you perceive a Rock and Metal album to be. The Latest album to do this for me is Adrenechrome – Tales From Adrenechrome. The album is a definite original sound to Adrenechrome such as their name is. The album is filled with thrash and rhythmic guitar riffs with drums that pursue the same sublime tastes. The guitar work is what illustrates Adrenechrome’s integrity on the album. Throughout the album your ears are blasted with curious and more often than not Head Banging Riffs. The deeper and dirtier the better I found throughout the album. The vocals range around for a place to happen during the album, Chris really stretches out during each song, never keeping within the same boundaries from song to song. I was in a particular effect when Chris went into a eighties Metal style especially with the fifth track “The Heart And The Feather”.

Opening up Tales From Adrenechrome is an instrumental track. Well for the most part “A Familiar Face” is an instrumental track, the vocals are used lightly in the track and are pretty mush pushed onto the song as a backing sound effect, an orchestral effect maybe. To keep you interested in the track Adrenechrome laces the track with catchy hooks and melodies throughout. You could say pretty much this is a warm up song to the album.

My favourite track on the album is the third track titled “Black Brubeck”. This song has a few interesting sounding guitar licks to it, especially in the intro. The technical sound that you hear sounds quite impressive. Then all of a sudden you are hit with a southern riff which includes a banjo, this caught my by surprise the first time I listened to the track and it hooked my every time I listened to the track afterwards. There are a couple of different styles going on in the song which should peak your interest as well. The same catchy riff that includes the banjo makes another appearance later on in the track which then leads your ears into a early Metallica setting with the vocals and instrumentation.

For the catchiest song and the one I would put my weight behind for a single I would go with the final track “The Lead Elephant”. The guys have the guitar work built right up in this track. Throughout the track the rhythm takes hold of your ears. What sets this track out a bit from the rest of the album is how they don’t break up the rhythm as much by placing extra solos or tearing away and going into a different direction with the track, they keep straight to the rhythm and even have a follow through with the backing and lead vocals.