All Else Fails The Forever Lie

All Else Fails
The Forever Lie

Alternative and Aggressive Rock is the first thing that came to my mind as I listened to The Forever Lie by All Else Fails. The Forever Lie is the follow up album of Fucktropolis. The guys do a wicked job with the layering throughout the album especially with the guitars and vocals. There must have been sometime spent in the mixing phase to pull this off, In the end the final and product was definitely worth the time spent. The instrumental bridge work puts on a solid notch in the album. I really liked the instrumental ending in “The Sons Of Plenty”, the ending would definitely be better off if the last 30 or seconds of noise were cut out though, I found myself clicking over to the next song after ten seconds have passed.

The intro into the title track “The Forever Lie” caught my ears during my first listen through the album. The song is not as strong and aggressive as the previous tracks but the strength is picked up by the lyrics. The drums seems to carry out the alternative nature in the song and helps push the song through. The vocals do however take a few different notions in appearance and strength as they start off as a casual rock sound then later on in the song progress into deeper Metal almost growling sound. The solo work which after the three minute mark leads the vocals into the perfect alignment to transition the vocals back.

As the title track finishes the next song “Twice Broken” moves the pace and sound back into the aggressive sound once again. Your ears are instantly met with the heavier and louder vocals, the drums and guitars help push the heavier sound as well. The vocals also have an interesting approach and sound in the song as well, as there is a lead, a backing, and also a back line layer of vocals. The way they put the growls as a layer early on in the song adds such a different tone to the track. The duo sound of the aggressive and the lead vocals sound great together throughout the song. I liked the way they chose to switch between the verses and then to combine during a couple of lines. The song does come under a few tempo changes as well, this is where their timing comes into play big time. It is really apparent with drums and guitars that the timing is pulled off to make it all work out.