Arms Of The Girl Paper Copper Steel


Arms Of The Girl
Paper Copper Steel

Paper Copper Steel is the latest release by Ottawa’s own Arms Of The Girl. The album rests upon being either a Rock/Pop album or a Rock/Blues Album. It’s kind of a who you ask sort of deal with this one I would think. I pick up both senses throughout the album but I can still see it going either way again depending on who you ask.

The acoustic guitar is a definite strengthening attribute throughout the album. The Electric guitar is used in a couple of different manners and uses during each song. Either creating a lead moment in the track, creating a noise environment or being used as a filler between verses. When the electric guitar is used as a lead especially in the song “All Up To You”, ( you should see that solo being played live).

The lyrics throughout the album are also thoughtfully, and also experience driven songs as well. When you listen to “Calling You Out” and “First Overall” you will quickly see that you do not want to cross Carolyn or you may find yourself being Adele’d. The lyrics also prove that music can also be a remedy of the soul as well.

My favourite tracks off of Paper Copper Steel are in no particular order “Calling You Out”, “First Overall” and “All Up to You”.

“Calling You Out” has a double package deal within this track. I really like the acoustic work in the song but it’s definitely the lyrics that win with this track. Knowing that the lyrics are coming from the personal experience makes this song stand out that much more.

Using “First Overall” as the opening track was a great placing by Arms Of The Girl. Having such an electric and energy driven song at the beginning of the album was definitely the way to go. The use of the intro definitely gets you into the groove of the album. I found this album is best used as a sit down or lengthy drive album (per say my drive to Hawkesbury from Kingston every Monday morning). They really use the balance between the electric and acoustic to their full advantage throughout the track. The bridge work in the song is nicely done and not over saturated.