Bad Citizen Citizens Rise



The Six song Ep from Bad Citizen shows that there is still a place for Alternative Rock. With having a bit of an updated and indie approach to their sound Bad Citizen put together the ep with tracks that range from Riff Rock to alternative energy. I found the weight of theirs songs are strongly based on their guitarist. The performance of the vocals are hampered by the recording quality. I wasn’t fond with the sound that I heard from the vocals throughout the album. If they were a little more clearer and layered above everything else I’m sure I would have a different opinion.

My favourite track from the album is definitely their second track titled “Watch It Fall”. The opening guitar riff is was caught my ears when I listened to the album for the first time, and after listening to the song a few times now, I don’t see my attention towards the song changing at all. The best part for me is the fact that the same riff appears throughout the song and is used as the main driving force behind the song. The vocals changed up a little bit in terms of tone as they are a lighter and higher toned. Another highlight note that I have to make about the track is the guitar solo that hits around the two and a half minute mark.

The next track titled “Dead Of Night” brings a complete different sound to the album, again mainly due to the guitars. Going on a bit of a reggae strut and keeping the riff an easy one to follow. The Bass guitar also throws in the sway of the song as well. The bass does a nice back end job in the song. The timing of the song between the drums, guitar and bass are well received as well. The song does move away from the sounds of the starting of the song and moves into more of an alternative sound. The song you could say pretty much goes back and forth between both sounds throughout.

“Try” is a song that stands out from the album as the heavier track. They almost move into a Metal sound but they just don’t have the extra sound that they need for me to categorize the song into Metal. The bass really pushes the low end of the song and gives the guitars an extra pump of sound. The vocals are an experimental art in this track as well. I wasn’t too big on the mix between the lead and backing vocals that happen at around the two minute mark.

“Find Me Some Love” does a nice job with finishing off the album. The vocal performance with this track is my favourite from the Ep. The attitude that is pushed off from the vocals is what wins this song over for me. The guitars also funk things up as well throughout different areas in the song.