Big Sugar Calling All The Youth

Big Sugar
Calling All The Youth

The Brand New Release from Big Sugar – Calling All The Youth infuses all of the sounds and styles that has made Big Sugar a Canadian Household name. With this release Big Sugar has laid off the Reggae a bit compared to the past couple of years especially with the live shows. Gordie still hits your ears with his Riff Rock and slide style throughout the album. Really this album is a fine balance between Big Sugar’s Reggae side and Rock Side. Gordie still gives you a dose of gospel as well throughout the album but mostly this is heard through the lyrics, and not so much the instrumental aspect of the songs.

The ever evolving Big Sugar sound gets off right from the beginning with the opening track “Natty Dread Rock”. Big Sugar really gives you a full blown effort with heavily infused sound. First you get the nice juicy heavy guitar; Friendlyness gives you a great vocal sound throughout the track. Garry really hits the beat in the song and fills in between the snare and hi hats from Stephane. The sax from Mr. Chill plays out at just the right moments in the song and isn’t layered on too thick.

The balance between the Reggae and Rock plays out beautifully for me throughout the album especially in the title track Calling All The Youth. Gordie’s guitar playing in this song is so ear pleasing no matter how many times I listen to the song. Gordie is able to sneak in that slide with just the right emotion and sound that it picks and flows right through the song. There is going to be no way that you cannot hear a 70’s flare coming from the guitar throughout the song and I’m pretty sure this is why I’m so attracted to this song. If you are a fan of the Sheepdogs then you are for sure going to dig this song. The Sax also hits at just the right moments in the song as well to push the sound and give the song a different flavour.

“Universal Vampire” is another guitar driven song that I thoroughly enjoy, but unfortunately it’s the lyrics that push me away from the song. Now if you are driven to Big Sugar for the guitar then you will probably be able to block out the lyrics and just listen to the music as I do.

Just listen to that guitar intro in “Just Can’t Leave You Alone”, that should be all that you need to hear to be hooked onto the track. This song is a definite throwback sound to before their (thankfully) temporary break.