Black Absinthe Early Signs Of Denial

Black Absinthe
Early Signs Of Denial

Early Signs Of Denial from Black Absinthe is a decent cross between Metal and Hard Rock but I would weigh more heavily on the Hard Rock side of the Argument. For the most part the vocals and definitely the guitars give the album its Hard Rock approach and attitude but there are a few hints throughout the album and gives Early Signs Of Denial a push towards Metal especially in the vocal performance. You could go for a Thrash Metal album but it’s on the light side of that end too. The album is stacked with a few reserved and decent sounding guitar riffs throughout.

Early Signs Of Denial starts off with my favourite track from the album titled “The Wild”. It’s the energetic and catchy opening intro that caught my ears right away. Right away this track made me think of The Lazy’s. The timing in the track within the drums and guitars comes into play quite frequently and almost and absolute sound to make the track work the way it does. I know this may be a small enough detail for people not to notice but I do like the pick harmonics that thrown into the song throughout. The way the vocals are changed up throughout the track also help push the overall sound of the vocals and depth of the lyrics in the song as well. For one last mention in the song that I have to make is I really liked the instrumental finish to the song as well. They moved over and lightened the song up a little and finished off with more of a Rock sound instead of a Hard Rock sound.

“Burj Khalifa” gives the album its Metal and Alternative edge. The track steps away from the previous two tracks. Right away I was brought into the song in the way of the opening riff. I was however surprised when the track stepped away from the same sound as the intro. The first guitar solo in the track is an interesting listen the first couple of times through the track. There seems to be bit of play with the sound of the solo which in turn doesn’t sound like anything else in the song, Almost an eighties Metal feel within the solo.