BROOMFILLER Third Stage Propeller Index

Third Stage Propeller Index

BROOMFILLER is proving that guitar driven Punk Rock is still alive and well. It’s always great to see and hear that this genre did not fade or die away after the 90’s. This is more or less the punk style that I enjoy the most. The vocals are smooth and coherent throughout each song. They have a sequence of hooks and riffs that drive each song. I also have to mention the vocals, especially in part of the backing vocals. The backing vocals really push the overall sound of the vocals, I found they really help move the lead vocals over in many different occasions. If this album was around back then I’m sure they would definitely found commercial success with the album way easier than it would be today.
Right away BROOMFILLER wastes no time in hitting your ears with their heavy guitar laden songs. The opening track to the album is titled “Agnostic Orgasmic”. Right after the opening riff the melodic punk/rock vocals from Rich hit your ears. I was almost instantly a fan of the vocals when I heard them for the first time. I honestly wasn’t expecting the sound that I was hearing at first. Then the backing vocals hit in the track and really smoothed over my mind. I like the fact that they don’t overdue it with the backing vocals and use the short bursts instead of a long drawn or over flooded sound. Now when and if you can look past the vocals and guitars you will hear the rhythmic drumming going on as well. I found they blend in the drums so well with the track that it goes right into the steady flow of “Agnostic Orgasmic”.

“Amputake” brings a total different sound to the album. The guitars are way heavier than in the previous songs, Broomfiller almost pushes the song into a metal sound. I think if the vocals followed suit with the heaviness of the guitars this song would definitely be considered a metal track. Or even if the vocals were not as high as they were and they added in a bit more aggression to them. The tempo changes in the track also pushes “Amputake” a little to the side for me.