Celestial Ruin Pandora

Celestial Ruin Pandora CoverCelestial Ruin

Pandora by Celestial Ruin is a interesting Symphonic rock five track Ep. Firstly Due to the fact that they are a Canadian Band which is still a small but growing pocket of bands getting into Symphonic Rock. The album bases their sound on Symphonic Rock but not to the full extent to what I have been hearing as of late. Normally each song is laden with keys and other brass and wind elements which Pandora has don’t get me wrong, but not to the same strong extent.

The Lead vocals from Larissa Dawn are definitely one of the main driving factors throughout the album. I found she even foreshadowed the backing vocals as well. The elements, styles, pitches and tones by Larissa create the atmosphere within each song.

The opening track into Pandora is a track titled “Murder Of Crows”, the intro has you guessing at the fact you may be in for a strict gothic track with the opening sound effects. Within about a minute you are met with an almost industrial symphonic sound. The guitars during the track really add a different sound throughout the track, I would really like to hear just the guitar track for the song singled out to really hear how it sounds. The lead work is what I would enjoy hearing the most during the track. I didn’t expect to hear the song finish in such a drastic ending as it did the first time I listened to the song.

“No Quarter” slows down the tempo of the album a little bit, but in lieu of this you really get a ear shot of Larissa’s vocals with a minimal backing playing. I really liked the different tones and emotions which she uses throughout the track. Again the lead guitar work takes a heavy hand during the song. I found during this track the guitars almost give the song a dated sound bouncing around the 80’s a little bit.

My favourite track off of the album is “Nevermore”. I really liked how the song is built up at the beginning and lasting for about a minute in length before it plateaus. I favour the chorus section throughout the song more than anything else. For me it’s the entire package that happens during the chorus that I enjoy the most, how everything comes together and make a wall of sound. The one deep seeded and goth sounding shriek that Larissa lets outs is a small mark in the song but noticeable. Again the tone of the guitar stands right out in the song. I don’t know maybe a bit more of a abrasive edge with the guitar tone may sit in with the song a little bit more. I’m not sure if the guitar is to be a close cousin or used to emulate the keys.