Chariots Of The Gods Ages Unsung


Chariots Of The Gods brand new album Ages Unsung take full advantage of having a dual Vocal arrangement. They use the dual vocals in a wide range of different focuses throughout the album. The guitars are the mainstay throughout the album. I would like to see the play through videos for at least a couple of tracks for this album.

The opening track “Primordial Dawn”, puts an eerie and mystic platform out at the get go. Don’t let the intro fool you in anyway this is just a simple opener to give your head a bit of time to clear.

The opening of “Tusk” I found that I could hear a bit of Manson in the backing screeching guitar sounds, but that could just be me. The rhythm of the drums takes and pushes the song forward with quite a bit of strength but it doesn’t compare to what comes up after the intro is over. When the full force of the vocals, guitars and drums hit the song really strides. The dual vocals really give the song a kick. The fiercer sounding vocals is the version that I prefer throughout the track but having a dual vocal does give the song a different sound. “Tusk” has a few different takes and patterns throughout. You definitely need to check out the guitar work throughout the song.

“As The Sky Falls” is one of my favourite tracks off of the album. The guitars being either the solos/leads and definitely the bridge work won me over throughout this song. The vocals are also another big part in my liking of the song as well. The Backing and Lead vocals really come together in the track. The vocals also keep in time with the guitars in a couple key marks as well.

“New World” rips and gives the album a totally different spin being with the intro. The downturn tempo at the beginning with the click track leads you away a little bit, just the same as the intro track did. However once again do not be fooled by the intro of the track the guitars will quickly come in to rip the song up. But also in this track the drums especially the kick drums really hammer the song home as well.