Cleopatrick 14 EP


Alternative Rock Duo Cleopatrick have released an album that will for sure make you pay attention to these guys. Their debut Ep is titled 14 and has four original songs that depress the feelings and notions you have ever had about listening to a duo.

I can’t wait to hear what Cleopatrick has in store next after this Ep. I mean for an album which they quickly recorded in just 14 hours, by giving Cleopatrick an adequate amount of time and money to professionally have an album put togother is exactly what needs to happen for these guys. This album is a perfect stepping point for this duo, yes I mean Duo. You are really going to be amazed by what type of sound these guys pump out as a duo. I had to watch a couple of their videos before I could understand what these guys were doing for such a powerful sound.

Obviously the guitar riffs are number one here and on my mind throughout this album, as they meet the strict challenge of being a duo. The mix is portrayed quite well throughout the album, but this is where I believe a bit of money and time could go a far way especially in tweaking with the levels. The vocals are really strong and have that nice rusty alternative sound to them, ranging around a 90’s alternative sound but not as high in tone as your may expect. The drums are a different animal all together as well, the cymbals play a crucial aspect to the album throughout “Chromeo” is an example of this. I also have to add the guitar tones are mint sounding, they chose the right pedals to go with on the album.

For the most part the album is upbeat and an powerball of Alternative rock. “Belly Button Blues” brings down the album however but just after the four minute mark the song picks right up and goes back into the heavy swing of the album. Personally I would drop the first part of the song and just run with the last minute and a half of the song and stretch it out to about three minutes instead.

My favourite song on the album is definitely “City Kids”. This song for sure has to make others turn their heads and pay attention to Cleopatrick. The energy and guitar riffs in the song is what grabs my ears every time I listen to this song. The vocals have a sweet sounding edge to them as well. You can almost sense the live energy this song gives off just from the vocals. Live I bet this song is something to see and hear. A bit more work on the mix and levels and I wouldn’t think twice about sending this song off to radio. There just needs to be a better balance put towards the vocals and guitars in the track.

Now for a bonus song which totally caught me off guard the first time I listened to the album was their alternative take of “Ex’s and Oh’s. Talk about a dirty guitar and sound added to their version. Now you have to take this track on as a bonus and I’m guessing they recorded this track on their own and away from the studio. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out, it’s worth giving a listen to.