Crawl Anticipate The Fall





The Heavy guitar rhythms and deep cut Riffs and alternative vocals drives the brand new release from Crawl titled Anticipate The Fall.

It has been awhile since I have heard an album which drives its so sound so directly from one guitarist. Stuart does a killer job throughout the album creating and driving the sound of Crawl on guitars. Another fact that makes this album work for me as much as it does is absence the of layers, I imagine what you hear on the album is what you are going to get live. Crawl is basically brining back the original four band member sound without the extra computer and studio generated sound. Michael’s vocals take inline a alternative and Hard Rock approach throughout the album. For me Michael has found a perfect balance of rasp and alternative edge and combined the two.

The album starts off with a track titled “Rise”. Right away Crawl shows off their ability to write catchy riffs. They give you just the right amount of time to get into the song before they take off with the song. If you are a fan of the opening riff, it does appear again in the song but with a bit of a different tone than the intro also closer to the end of the song the intro is replayed again to put a final push towards the end of the song. The aggressive vocals from Michael fit in beautifully throughout the song. He lays down the aggressiveness when the song needs it and knows when to throttle back his vocals and over to his “standard” rock vocals.

Midway through the ep Crawl plays a song titled “Loaded” and that is exactly what the song is. They hit you right away with one hell of a barrage of sound, and leading the way is Tom on drums and Stuart on guitars. The transition effect was a bit of a miss for me at first and it took me a couple of listens before I could accept the break in sound when I realized there was no other way to move the song over into the different direction that it went. One good thing about the song and Crawl is that if you like a riff and rhythms in a song there is a good chance that it is going to make multiple appearances in the songs and “Loaded” is no different, the second opening riff after the quick break makes a couple of appearances throughout the song. Another part of the song that I enjoy is the fact that Stuart and Tom sway off a bit and give Michael the room and proper sound for him to get his vocals out without being overshadowed by the guitars and drums.


1. Rise

2. Feel

3. Loaded

4. No Lies

5. A Little Left To Kill