Crawl The Crockford Files


Giving you a headway right from the beginning Crawl hits you with the heavy number “Mine”. The heavy mix of the bass and guitars give the song a definite heavy edge and sound. Also I really like how the deep vocals follow along with the probable tone of the rhythm, and the fact that Michael David Wolf gives an edgier approach to the vocals as well while not keeping within the same tone throughout the song. The lead work in the song is quite cleverly done nearing the end of the song as it plays more into the background and doesn’t overshadow the rhythm and actually plays right into the rhythm as well.

“Dead” proves that Crawl still has the 90’s alternative sound in them as they lay down a similar sound to pick harmonics in the opening of the track just not as poignant as the higher toned pick harmonics. The tempo change in the track in the bridge I could go either way on. It does break the song up and adds a different sound and element to the song, but again it doesn’t break up the song. I’m quite particular to hearing a rhythm in a song but again this is just me speaking here. If do you like the opening rhythm in the track you are in luck then as it appears again later on. I wasn’t expecting the track to end the way it did the first time I listened to the track but it has grown on me as I listened to “Dead” more and more.

Now I was drawn right into “Bangladesh” the first time I listened to The Crockford Files. I thought that this was the song that drove Crawl right from their nineties sound, and it wasn’t until I read the bio of the album that I found out that this track is a previously released track from their 1996 release Feed. The song still carries along the dark and deepness that Crawl has extruded from the album thus far. But for me this song stands right out from the rest. The mix of the vocals and the tone of the guitars in this track is something that you have to hear for yourself. Hell if I had a choice I would put this track out as a single as well. To me this is the best vocal performance on the album. Seeing this song live would definitely be a testament for Crawl’s sound.