Crimson Sun Towards The Light

CRIMSON SUN - Towards the Light

Crimson Sun
Towards The Light

Towards The Light from Crimson Sun is an interesting Electronic Melodic Metal release, There is a striking amount of musical and sound elements that play throughout this album. Beyond the Music itself it’s also a plus (especially for me) that this album is in English especially with Crimson Sun Being a Finnish band. Crimson Sun is definitely making their sound all on their own. The glossy yet strident vocals from Sini Seppälä give the songs a different sounding byte with each passing song. There is a bit of extra and after studio work that has been done to the vocals but in the end it all works out in the overall outcome of Towards The Light. Even with the backing vocals the added editing work gives the album a nice polished sound.

Now for the musical side of the songs each song takes on a different sound and approach. I was intrigued with my first few play throughs of the album with how different Crimson Sun’s sound is. The keys throughout each song adds such a different sound it’s almost indescribable without going through every song. Your best bet would be just to have a listen for yourself. I also found the keys could really add a dated sound to the songs as well almost bringing you back to an eighties sound especially with the song titled “The Spark”. Now any Metal album couldn’t be a proper Metal album without an assortment of Guitar Solos and Crimson Sun Delivers in this department. Using the same pretence as the keys do the guitar solo’s range in duration and sound throughout the album and really give the songs a kick in sound. Joni Junnila also delivers with the variety of sound with his guitar. By switching up the overall sound and aggression based on each song he helps deliver with the overall sound. I also liked how the bass from Jukka Jauhiainen plays along with either the drums and guitars to bump up their sound and when he hits with a few key solos. In “Eye Of The Beholder” Jukka hits a couple of key spots to push off the song.

Every songs comes in on its own with the intro, In saying did one song come out on top with the best intro? It would be pretty hard to give a definite answer, but rather it would depend on every listener and what struck across to their ears. One of my favourite intros was with “Enter The Silence”.