Dawn Tyler Watson Jawbreaker

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Dawn Tyler Watson

Jawbreaker by Dawn Tyler Watson is an album that has to be on your Blues Summer Playlist.
The album is such a well balanced sound between Dawn’s sense of Blues, R&B and Soul. The tempo force of the album is also a driving matter throughout the album as well. I Definitely recommend you listen to “Shine On”. Now for the standout prize of this album is Dawn Tyler Watson’s vocals. There is not a Chance you can pass away or even turn your head a 1/16 of an inch here. The way Dawn represents her vocals in so many different tones, accents forces the sense of an unblemished appeal throughout Jawbreaker.
If there is one song that speaks volumes for Jawbreaker for me it’s definitely “Shine On”. “Shine On” has the entire package of the album wrapped right up. There is many different ideas and complexes that you can hear throughout the track but for me the largest element in the song that stands out is Dawn’s vocals. The Power, The Sound, The 60’s Soul and R&B explode throughout “Shine On”. Going straight back into Dawn using her vocal chords in many different accents and expressions really helps further the song along within the instrumental aspect of the track. Trying to look beyond the vocals and it is a hard compromise to make, I really found myself digging the keys throughout the track as well. Between the rhythm and especially the sound of the organ really grasps a nice blues and soul appeal. The way they have the keys and organ layered on really stands out as well.

Are you looking for a Brand new Soul song to blow you away then you have to check out the next track “Just A Little Bit More”. The way Dawn blows your ears and mind away with the opening vocals is something that I just can’t put into words. This is the kind of power that most people only dream of. Then on top of Dawn’s vocals the song is also a duet with Ben Racine.

Now if you are looking for a song that has a bit more of a jive sound than “Greenbacks” is a track for you.

Really what would a Blues album be without a cover and does Dawn Tyler Watson ever do an interesting and powerful version of “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan.