Diamond Tree The Will To Evolve


Diamond Tree
The Will To Evolve

One mistake that you may make about Diamond Tree and their brand new album The Will To Evolve, is the fact that they are not a British Band. Though their sound is severely similar I will admit that I was instantly fooled by this Montreal Band.

The opening track “State Poker” instantly had me fooled into thinking this track was not from a Canadian Band yet a British Band. It is the double threatening mix of vocals and guitars which instantly brought out the British Sound. Even throughout the album you will find that each song will represent a certain homage sound. Along tide with their British Sound you may also notice that they also have a 90’s sound as well within this track. The guitar work in the bridge works out quite well in the song as well. I could really see this being extended and expressed quite a bit more in their live cut of the track. It could be just my speakers but I really found their full frontal sound is quite filling especially coming from the drums and guitars.

The second song titled “The Trip” opens as if you are experiencing one from the 70’s, due in part from the combination of the riff and especially the sound of the riff. Throughout the track the guitar owns this song next to the vocals. I’m pretty sure the recording equipment owns a specific amount of sound to what you are hearing. I was actually surprised by the ending of the track, I wasn’t expecting to end the way it did, with the sudden stop.

The final track “Machina Vacinatus” adds the experimental and psychedelic sound to the album. The use of the backing noises/ keys really add the psychedelic sound to the track. Don’t let the intro turn you away in this track, they maybe a bit on the daunting side but if you just wait a little bit longer the song does take on a different sound and life. The vocals also turn away from what you have heard throughout this E.P so far. Almost sound as if they are in a tiring mood or effect. The timing in certain parts of the track add a different tone as well.