Dioni E.P


Adding in elements of Jazz, 60’s Pop, Soul with soothing vocals Dioni expresses such a dynamic yet elegant sound throughout the seven song EP. If you are able to place yourself in specific song situations and are able to try and place yourself within songs than I can only say that you are going to be excited for this release, case in point “It’s A Blue World”.

The Self Titled E.P starts off with the lead single from the album “That Summer”. The song is a blended Soul, Jazz, and Pop Song. Dioni also brings forth the sounds of smooth and soothing sound of the 60’s with her cool and attractive vocals. Dioni really gives you a generous and vast array of vocals styles within this song. Throughout the track I found that Jazz was the prominent vocal style, but that can really be up for interpretations with your own standing on how/what Jazz is. Another note that I must make is the backing vocals in the track and how she optimized the use of a studio and her own vocals to create the atmospheric sound towards the end of the track.
Beyond the vocals in the song is the strong and heavy meaning that is written within the lyrics. I know it maybe a small not to some but for me the sound of the xylophone really is a catchy sound in “That Summer”.

“Shades Of Melancholy the George Prinkiotakis Chillout Remix offers a definite different mix to the album. This is where the pop element of the album comes into play. The use of the synth gives the track a large push towards an eighties sound.

Up next is one of my favourite tracks on the album “Don’t Let Me Down”. The vocals follow along the same soothing sounds as “That Summer”. You can definitely see a similarity between the two tracks. One of my favourite moments with the vocals comes when Dioni reaches down deep and gives out a quick raw sounding byte. I have read many different reviews and references which refer Dioni to Dusty Springfield and this is definitely the song that brings the sound home. The additive of the brass sound in the track adds a nice sounding element to the song and helps add just that extra bit of interesting sound to cover over the acoustics.