Double Experience Unsaved Progress

double_experience_-_unsaved_progress_album_cover (1)Everyone’s favourite video game Rock band are set to release their brand new album titled Unsaved Progress in only a couple of days. I have been listening to this album for about two weeks now, and I don’t forsee me placing this album on the backburner anytime soon. Right from the opening track “SOFINe” Double Experience hits you with the energy that you have expected and have waited for. This is just one of the many riffs that you are going to hear throughout this album. Also what struck me right away was the sound of Ian’s vocals, the tone and the overall sound stand right out in each and every song throughout Unsaved Progress.

As one would expect with Double Experience leaning on the gaming world their lyrics throughout the album are quite cleverly written. I imagine I’m still missing quite bit of meanings throughout the album , but I know I caught a couple of them. “Drugs, Sex and Rock N Roll” is a line that I like from the second track titled “AAA”.

If I had to pick my favourite riff on the album it would definitely be the intro to “The Glimmer Shot”, the sound of the riff and the tone, sets this riff aside for me. The riff isn’t even the fastest or most difficult sounding riff on the album, the simplicity of the riff is what helps draw my ears.

On the sixth track on Unsaved Progress is where you are going to find my favourite song of the moment “Exposure Exposure”. The intro is what originally caught my ears as I listened to the album for the first time. Again there is something about the tone of the guitar that I favour so much. The timing within the drums in the track at a few key marks is a nice feature to the song. Just before the two minute mark the song takes a wicked and energetic change up, and the song stays this way until the end.

Now when I first listened to the album and heard the opening bass line for the eighth track, I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing at first. It only took until the vocals to hit until I was fully engulfed in the song and the shock had dissipated. “Godzilla”, when I saw the guys play Kingston on the weekend I had to ask them why they went with this cover song. It basically came down to a classic song that they had to homage to by relating back to their influences.

The packaging for the album is not to go unnoticed as well. Opting for a sleek retro video game cover with the oversized dvd case to go along with the packaging.