Dylan Wickens & The Grand Natruals Hi Lo-Fi

Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals Hi Lo-Fi cover art

Dylan Wickens & The Grand Natruals amalgamates and transitions into many different effects and components throughout Hi Lo-Fi. Dylan Wickens & The Grand Natruals floods the album with a fury and a big slice of Slide guitar, Melodic Blues, and even a Funky blues sound in the way of the track “Fall Apart”.

I don’t think there could have been a better way to kick off Hi Lo-Fi. The album starts off with the track “Foolish Heart” with Dylan giving you an earshot of his toned slide. For me what makes the slide work so well throughout the track is the fact that Dylan uses the slide to emphasize his lyrics rather than just layering on too much slide and over saturating the song. Now this isn’t the only application where Dylan hits you with the slide you also have to look out for the bridge and solo’s in the song as well. I could really see the live version of this song becoming even more exciting. Dennis Pinhorn has an attractive touch on “Foolish Heart”as well, the elemental and rhythmic lines which Dennis plays to coincide with the lyrics throughout the song adds such a great overall appeal and sound.

If you are looking for the toe tapper of the album than I bet you will find “Calamity Jane” will be the track that suits your needs. The rhythm throughout this track is what caught my ear the first time I listened to the track. The breakdowns in the song are also a sweet sounding kick the song as well. I really liked how just after the two minute mark how they lead right into the lead/solo from Dylan. The addition of the keys in the background adds such a great layer and element to “Calamity Jane”. The away they have the organ volume placed onto the track blends and compliments the guitar and rhythm quite nicely. One final note on the song I have to make is the fact that I bet you will have the song title stuck in your head a for a time after you are done listening to the song and album.

Adding a bit of funk to Hi Lo-Fi a pair of tracks does the deed with “Fall Apart and She’s Back In Town”. “She’s Back In Town” slows down the tempo and gets a bit deeper than previously heard throughout the album. For some reason I envision this being a David Wilcox number for some reason.