Edenthorn The Maze

The Maze

The Maze by Edenthron is a Rock and Alternative album. The guitar playing and a the style has the rock edge of the album down, and it’s the attitude that and edgy vocals that bring the alternative sound to the album.

Right Away Edenthorn hits you with the hit off of the album with the track “Free To Roam”. The opening riff demands attention the second you hear it, especially for the first time. They play with the tempo of the song a bit throughout, which can be a good thing and not depending on how you look at it. Luckily the intro appears again in the song and isn’t lost because this is what drove me into this track right away. The alternative vocals are also a great touch to the song. Another addition to the riff I have to make is how the bass dives and really gives the riff a heavier sound.

Still riding on the energy of “Free To Roam”, “Questions” is up next, although this track doesn’t have that opening riff the song still plays out to an alternative beat. The timing within the composition and tempo change works out really well in the track. The addition of the “Echoing”, “fading” background vocals is a great touch to the song. The guitar solo that hits just after the two minute mark stands out in the song. I found the sound of the solo is a bit of a stretch sound away compared to the rest of the song.

The title track “The Maze” has a pretty slick sounding buildup at the start. The best part for me with the buildup is they continue on with the same intro but with a heavier attitude. The bass is rhythm factor throughout this track. I did like how the guitar solo fit within the song around the two minute mark. The way the lead guitar and bass guitar work together throughout the song is another mark for “The Maze” as well.

Another track that you have to check out is “Saviour” just listen to the guitars go in this track.