Elsie Morden

elsie-morden-album-coverElsie Morden
Self Titled

The Debut album and Self titled album by Elsie Morden is a accomplished blend of Country, Pop, and even a slight bit of rock thrown into the mix. What I enjoyed the most about this album is the fact that it doesn’t have what seems to be the new Nashville country sound to it. The songs are all nicely grounded, and have a well balanced Pop and Country appeal. The album was also solely written by Elsie and she co produced the album as well. As a backing band on the album she brought along a few guests into the recording studio to lay down the instrumentation of each song. The Really enjoy fact that lyrics are genuine, down to earth and written by Elsie herself. Elsie wasn’t afraid to bring her feelings out into her lyrics throughout the album either, take “Easier Said Than Done” as an example. She also wrote about her life in the current moment and also let her supporters and family share the lyrical spotlight.

Each song on the album has its own drive and influence. I was definitely particular with the rhythm in each song. “Behind Those Trees” was one of the songs that I enjoyed the rhythm in. If you are a fan of mid 90’s Country then you are for sure going to relate to this track. It’s too bad Country has moved in the direction it has because this track would have easily made its mark if it stayed on the same course. Beyond the rhythm in the track the guitar work is laid down in the perfect way throughout the track, with the lead and solo work. The backing and lead vocals work beautifully together as well.

“Predictable” is another song that stands out off of the album as well. Playing out second on the album, it was the intro that originally caught my ears. As the song progresses I really found myself enjoying the many different tones, and emotions which Elsie infuses within her vocals. I really found by adding the emotional aspect within her vocals she really pushed the story and meaning behind her penned lyrics. The lead guitar work in the bridge adds a nice touch to the song. I also am unable to pass up the ability to mention how much of a great layer the banjo adds to the song, I found that the banjo almost takes over as the lead sound of course it could never overtake Elsie’s vocals.

The album finishes off with Main lead single “Be Mine”. Elsie used the single as the platform her latest radio tour for, and I imagine the single will also be setting off her next adventure as well.

You can pick up your copy of Elsie Morden at http://www.elsiemorden.com/store