Evening Hour 4 Songs E.p


Evening Hour
4 Songs E.p

Released just in the few remaining days of 2016 Evening Hour quietly released their debut E.P titled 4 songs. The album is exactly that four full songs with a the intro of the second song “Dancing In The Rain”playing out for 28 seconds.

This is one E.P that begs for more. For me it’s the vocals that take this album away. I have listened to the album a couple of times now strictly for the vocals. Don’t get me wrong the instrumental aspect of the album is also well played and put together but the vocals just stand right out. The soft yet, defined alternative,rock and pop vocals spill out throughout the album.
The album starts off with a light finger style acoustic intro. I like how the snare and the bass come in and form the base of the rhythm in the song. The vocals however quickly move in and should instantly win you over as they did for me. The lead guitar work in the song goes over quite well in the track, especially after the two and a half minute mark.

For a lead single I would definitely go with “Dancing In The Rain”. Depending on what station I would be sending the track out to I would include the initial 28 seconds of the separated intro as well and simply cut down the intro in the full track a little bit. The keys do such a great job at creating a atmospheric sound in the song. The cello also adds a nice quick touch to the song as well. I like how it comes in strong and only lasts for a moment. For myself one of the biggest marks in the song starts at the thirty second mark with the quick lick from the acoustics. I don’t know what it is about the upcoming few seconds but it caught my ears right away the first time I listened to the album as a whole and has continually stuck with me. The soft ending to the track was the perfect way to go out with. Then having the next song “Day By Day” pick the album right up again.

The keys in “The Girl Who Fell Asleep in My Mind” are a key driving source in the song next to the acoustic guitar. I really like how the keys act as a source of rhythm but are also used as a filler as well, and are used in the right areas. It’s as if the keys are sprinkled throughout the track, even the vocals call out for the keys later on in the song and the way the keys hit directly after have such an appealing feel and sound. I also enjoy and really like how the melody finishes out in song.