Fallen Angels World In Decay

Fallen Angels
World In Decay

The architecture of Fallen Angels latest album titled World In Decay is a definite composition of 80’s Thrash with wieldy guitar riffs and hammering drums. There are a few reasons why I align my favouritism to this album. One reason is for the guitar riffs that blare out constantly throughout the album. The 80’s thrash style is still one of my most favourite types of Metal. The biggest reason this album works for me is the vocals. The vocals are well put together, Brad doesn’t take his vocals to unnecessary heights and tones which wouldn’t fit within the grand scheme of things. He does throw in a bit of anger in his vocals when the song demands a bit more of a rougher edge to help and push the song over.

Throughout World In Decay Fallen Angels merges and cements many different techniques and sounds to create a ode to their influences. The softer acoustical intro’s really shines a light onto the 80’s scene and especially to early Metallica Offerings. The guitar work throughout the album is quite unique onto itself and gives the listener a wide range of riffs and rhythms to associate their ear towards. “Foresaken Existence” is a perfect example of Fallen Angels clever and particular song writing capabilities as they use their range of influences into all aspects of the song.

My favourite song from the album is clearly “The Hour Of Time”. Going back to the treads of Early Metallica they smoothly build up the song before they hit the song off. It takes over a minute before Fallen Angels go into an inducing heavier riff. The deeper tone of the guitars really pushes the riff over for me and really makes it so to the point where I almost only pay attention to the guitars in the song. The timing between the drums and guitars is well put together as well in the track.