Fayne The Queen Of Kings


Fayne is back from their hiatus with a Fury of furious Screams, Hard Hitting skins and Heavy sculpted guitar leads and solos.

With a silent but deadly approach Fayne slays into the album with the title track The Queen Of Kings. One element that makes this song stand out is the two different vocal styles that Jo uses throughout the song. Jo switches between his screams/growls into a softer but equally effective alternative side. The lead guitar in the song takes on a whole different attitude and life throughout the song as it sways away from the rhythm of the song completely at times. The lead guitar also helps give the songs its speed and aggressiveness as well. I was surprised at first when Fayne cut the tempo down in the song at the three and a half minute mark as they went back to the idea they used at the beginning of the song. Jo embraces the light break as he explodes on the vocals to signal the end of the break and finishes out the song with a strong and heavy finish.

“Believers” kicks off with a heavy and fast Metal Core approach with Jo and Carlo on drums leading the way. Layered within the vocals and drums is the lead guitar which helps to keep up the aggression of the vocals as they take an interesting approach that I do no hear all that often, as Fayne gives the listener an instrumental break between the first four lines and the last fifth line of lyrics which puts a bit of pressure on the last line before they move into the next verse. Now to start the second verse Fayne has written a killer line “What the fuck do you know about Rock N Roll?. Jo uses the same two styles of vocals in this track as well. The all around performance of the last verse in the song is one that I favour the most on the album. As the entire band pulls together to help to create a “stepping pattern” within the vocals. Carlo on drums leads the beat for the vocals and Alex and Nick follow along by playing slowing it down and playing along with the drumbeat. Fayne finishes off the song with a hate filled ending, which leads right into a mid album “calming” track which lasts for a minute and forty nine seconds. It would be interesting to find out the reason why Fayne added this track to the Ep. Does it serve a purpose or is it just an all around filler track?.



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