Fliptop Box Catch 22


Catch 22 by Fliptop Box is a standard Rock album with many different attributes contributing to their sound. There is a definite commercial sound feeding off from the album throughout, but you would really have to be careful which songs to release to radio as not to scare anyone away with an off commercial radio balanced song. I also found that there is a wide spread 80’s rock sound in throughout the album as well, it’s quite apparent in the first track from Catch 22 titled “Blast”. As well as the 80’s rock I can also hear 80’s metal in the guitars as well, but it is hidden a little bit due to the “updated” sound. The vocals I am still unsure of, in certain points and marks the lead vocals work out then other times it turns me away a bit. A lot of this point in mind of mine I believe is due to the fact of the accent, I’m just not used to this sort and type of sound which isn’t really fair towards Fliptop Box to say in my previous statement, but it’s just the way I feel.

The guitar solos are layered on quite heavily throughout the album and especially in the second track “Borderline”. The solos and leads almost take the song away from everybody else.

“Class Of Underdogs” gives the album its heavy edge. The intro into the track reigns out over everything else so far on the album. The simplicity of the riff and the tone of the guitars are what grabbed my ears the first time I listened to the album. The vocals are also dropped down in tone as well to better match with the guitars. The drum work also brings the song together as well.

“Desert” is a mixed bag of genres. In the beginning of the track you are met with a Slow Tempo but heavy laden riff. Unlike in “Class Of Underdogs” The vocals at the start of the track ride away from the guitars in tone definition. Just after the one minute mark the lead guitar kicks in with a much higher ended tone which I found takes away from the intro of the track. Later on in the song the vocals are more along the line of being experimental.