Fossils and Gospels Self Titled EP

Tonight at the Toucan in Kingston, ON Fossils and Gospels are releasing their Self Titled Debut Ep. Unfortunately this will also mark the ending of the band as well, as each member will be tending to future projects. Within just these three songs Fossils and Gospels really show off their broaden sound. Each track takes a step to the side of the next and previous track.

For influences within each track you can get a good grasp within the first thirty seconds as Fossils and Gospels lead you into each track with smooth intros. The E.P starts off with “Crimson”, when the drum solo hits in the intro I immediately thought of the Alice in Chains MTV Unplugged album. As the song slowly builds they step away from the intro sound as the keys and guitars are layered on one by one. The duo vocals of Mike and Shannon just stay shy of a harmonic sound as they still stay on as a duo lead vocal sound instead.

The next song “Storm” has more of an alternative attitude to the track as “Crimson”. The percussion throughout the song adds quite a different sound to the track especially when it comes to Martyn’s cymbal work. Does it match up with the guitars and synth well I believe that one is up to each individual listener and their preferences. Mike and Shannon again takes the song over with their duo styling of vocals. The pair shares the lead and backing vocals duties throughout the song as they both have their own moments in the song. But as they do sing together I found Shannon’s vocals act more as a backing sense in the track.

Right away as the final track played which is titled “Moonlighting” I instantly thought of Teenage Head, and still can’t get past this thought every time I listed to the song. For me it’s when Ricky Brant comes in with the Bass Synth that this reference comes into play. I can’t forget to mention how great the rhythm becomes in the song as this hits as well. The song does go throughout its changes during the song but for me the song always comes back the this driving rhythm.

Members of Fossils and Gospels
Mike Brown – Lead Vocals + Guitar
Curt Sproule – Guitar
Shannon Leah Evans – Keyboards + Vocals
Ricky Brant – Bass + Synth
Martyn Piper – Percussion

The three song E.P was Recorded at Longshot Records and is Engineered by Matt Baetz