Frank Viele – Fall Your Way

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Frank Viele
Fall Your Way

Frank doesn’t even give you a chance to sit down and relax as you slide this album on as he hits you hard with a deep solid blues cut with the Broken Love Song . Even before I get into the song Frank had a very special guest guitarist on the track as well with Joe Bonamassa so you already get a sense of what you are in for. Just in the intro your ears are going to get carried away with the heavy acoustic intro. I can’t even begin to explain how sweet sounding the guitar work is done throughout the song, it’s something that you just have to listen for yourself. The riff work and the slide/lead work is just beautiful, I get carried away with the riff alone every time I listen to the song, and that’s not even touching on the lead work in the song.

Now just right after the first song Frank gives you a hit of funk, soul and blues with the song “Kalifornia”. The guitars is what gives brings down the funk, and then you get the brass arrangement throughout the song that gives you an entire different draw to the song. The combination of Franks vocals and the backing vocals is nicely done and hits and just the right times. The brass, oh man is the brass ever add a killer sound to the “Kalifornia” and the way it’s layered on the song as well. You definitely have to hear the brass in the bridges and how they sound nearing the end of the song as well.

The second I heard the intro to “Easy Money” all I could immediately envision that this had to be a Micheal Jackson cover in some sort of way. The combination between the sax and guitar has such a bitter sweet sound. You could almost go as far as saying that this is a cut straight from the eighties as well. If I could pick any song that I would love to see live, this would definitely be the one that I want to see and hear live.

It’s almost as if Frank just ran out of room on the disc to keep placing songs on as he still hits you with another acoustical gem with “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”. The guitar playing in the intro hooked me right into the song. The song is a little softer than some of the other songs.

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