Fuck The Facts Desire Will Rot


Holy Fack, hold the fuck on when you throw on the brand new release from Fuck The Facts – Desire Will Rot.

Right out of the gate with “Everywhere Yet Nowhere” Fuck The Facts tear it the fuck up. When I first heard Melanie start screaming it took me back about 9 years ago when I saw Fuck The Facts for the first time and I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears at the growls coming from someone her size. Then looking beyond the Screams and Growls, the Chaos that Topon Das, Marc, Mathieu and Johnny bring upon your ears is something else as well. This is the kind of music you need to play while playing GTA and want to go on a killing streak. The also add in a few different recording components with the guitars as well, they give the song a bit of a empty room/ basement sound in a few spots. Which works out well for their sound as Fuck The Facts have probably played in every Deep,Dark, Sweaty Room scenario that there ever has been.

“Shadows Collide” rails right off of “Everywhere Yet Nowhere”. The technicallity side of Fuck The Facts strides out in this track as well. Taking a break only for a mere amount of time from their Grindcore, Death Metal stance FTF moves the mood of the album right over and adds a bit of melody to the track, which fit right into the song. This is not the only time that you get to hear a bit of a melodic side of FTF.

The second “The Path Of Most Resistance” hit for the first time the beat of the drums and guitars instantly had my head banging to the rhythm it doesn’t last long but it was enough to draw me into the song at the start.

Nearing the end of Desire Will Rot “Circle” adds a mysterious, creative and remote sound to the album. The sound and eerie effect of the song rings throughout its almost eight minute duration. I definitely wasn’t expecting to hear a track of this sound on the album. Yet again FTF is adding to their experimental side. If they were looking to place a song on a horror movie and soundtrack this would be the track for sure.

You Can pick up your copy of Desire Will Rot by visiting  http://www.fuckthefacts.com