Godboogie Play Music & Dance

Play Music & Dance

The very first thing you need to know about Play Music & Dance by Godboogie is the energetic and stellar lineup of musicians which make up Godboogie. First off you have the one and only Jerome Godboo followed by Gary Craig on the drums, Eric Schenkman from the Spin Doctors Shawn Kellerman also on Guitar and The Bass Guitar.

The album starts off with the title track Play Music & Dance. Right away Godboogie wastes no time on laying down a funky blues beat that they work off throughout the song. They definitely push forward in what they are preaching in the song. I don’t think there could be one person left in their seat when they play this song live. I found I had to listen to this track a few times over when I first popped the cd in my stereo. There is such a wide variety and array of sound and talent swirling around in this track that I found it was too much to take it all in within the first listen through.

Up next is another solid blues number with “Honey Badger”. Gary leads your ears right into what will be one of many great guitar leads. I really like how the bass guitar lays down such a great sounding groove to go with the lead. In fact the Bass guitar really spreads out the groove throughout the track. For me what also works out so well in this track is the volume levels of each instrument in the track, everyone in the band helps to push each others sound. I could easily see this the guitar leads in the song being expressed through a couple of extended versions during their live shows.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is “It’s a Party”. When the harmonica hits with the back beat I instantly thought of The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer. I think what also drives me back to this song is the funky beat that hits throughout the album. The vocals are also dropped down a bit as well to go along with the beat of the song. The solos again I could see be stretched right out during the live show. Jerome definitely gets his harmonica playing spirit out. The extra attention and use of the studio recording equipment gets used to their full advantage as well. This is a spot in the song where they could have totally lost the listener with the empty and faint room sound but for me the sound works out well in the song.

“So Far Away” kicks it up a few notches in the upbeat Blues category. This song leads your ears into having a Harmonica vs Bass vs Lead guitar for Lead supremacy. Everyone puts out such a great upbeat feel and sound throughout the song and all come together to put out a banger of a blues number halfway through the album.