Groombridge Boy From The Golden City

Boy From The Golden City
Armed with their soon to be released fourth Studio Album titled Boy From The Golden City, Groombridge mix and merge the ideas of Progressive Rock with an Alternative Edge and a New Wave Synth Sound.

I was quite intrigued by the sound of the New Wave with the push from the synth throughout the album. The synth plays and expands with a intricate touch and feel. The extra elemental sound that the synth provides in certain songs really takes the song in a different direction, I found it also softens the songs a little bit and takes away from the heavy alternative edge.

The album starts off with one of my favourite songs from the album “Maelstorm”. For me it was the strength and push of the song. The alternative juices were pumping in this one compared to the tamer tracks that come later on in the album. The vocals also have a sweet edge to them as well, especially when Dyle lets his attitude rip into the vocals. The bridge for the song was moved into a different direction than what you may expect to hear judging by the lead up to it.

“Popular Science” gives your ears a taste the alternative side of Groombridge. The vocal performance in the song drives the venomous sound. The grittiness from the guitars and vocals are a solid match with each other. The opening ten seconds in the track is what originally drove me into digging this song as much as I do. The flex in the tempo throughout doesn’t seem to hamper the strength of the I found. The effects with the backing and lead vocals were a nice touch to the song as well.

“The Resigned Maestro” all I can say is Radiohead for this track. I can guarantee you will be thinking the exact same thing as you listen to the first minute in the song. They have also just released a video for the song