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Now I imagine I am not the only one here who could only wish that they would have been able to watch this concert live as James Burton, Albert Lee, Amos Garrett and David Wilcox all took to the stage at Vancouver Island MusicFest on July 12, 2013. The album is brought to us by Stony Plain Records. Now don’t take it the wrong way here the album in itself is still a great listen but to have the live experience that went along with this recording would be an adventure all on its own.

The album also serves as a history lesson if anything, I’ll admit right away that I didn’t know a few of the songs on this album but I have quickly become acquainted with the ones I didn’t know.

Really if you simply looking for an album to sit down and listen to while sitting outside by the fire or on the deck on a sunny afternoon this is the album to do just that. The guitar work throughout the album is just mind boggling. I can only envision what must have been going on during each song, and I can guarantee that I am underestimating largely as well.

Just take the first song for example “That’s All Right (Mama)” which sets the tone right away for the album. No words could ever explain the guitar work in this song, you just have to take a listen for yourself on this one and in fact this follows through the entire album. The Solo’s and bridge work throughout each song on the album is simply outstanding.

Out of the tracks that you hear on this album James, Albert, Amos and David deliver a punch of
Rockabilly, Blues, Country and let’s not for get Rock N Roll. Another detail that sets this album apart from other live recordings is the fact that has been no over dubs added or any type of after thought mixing put over on the album.

One of my personal favourites from the album is David Wilcox’s “Bad Apple”. Mind you, David Wilcox is the only guitarist on this album that I have ever watched live before as well.

Just as the album begins the album finishes of in stellar fashion with “Country Boy”. I would honestly love to hear this song without the vocals just to hear the guitar playing in the song especially at the very beginning of the song.