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gutter honey

Kingston’s alternative/rock band Gutter Honey are releasing their debut album today November 28th.

Gutter Honey quickly proves that musicians and music fans still enjoy the sounds of 90’s alternative. Their take on the genre has an updated sound but if you listen close, well you don’t have to listen that hard to find that there is a huge 90’s Canadian Alternative sound in their songs. The guitars are what rings out the influence the most for me, the vocals follow suit pretty damn close with the rhythm and the influential sound as well.

As the album kicks off with the song “Two Left Feet” I thought I was about to hear a Alice In Chains acoustic cover by sound and beat of the drum solo. Gutter Honey’s drumming is different but I’m sure you will hear the same reference as I did. Right away Victor Simoes shows off his 90’s alternative edge.

It didn’t take me long before I found my favourite track off the album with “Durka”, the intro is what brought me into the song the most. For fans of “Age Of Electric, Limblifter” but slightly lower key I can guarantee that you bee hooked right into the song from the intro and the sounds of Victor Simoes on vocals. The tempo of the song fits beautifully with the range and overall sounds from the vocals and guitars. The tempo isn’t too fast where it would change the overall sound and possible genre of the song and doesn’t play out slow enough to the point where people may skip past the song. Also the small addition of the backing vocals added a nice sounding layer in the song jsut after the two minute mark, I liked the fact that they only lasted for that short period of time and didn’t extended into the song where they really didn’t need to be.

Now “Orion” is an interesting track. The start of the song has a long drawn out guitar sound that you could compare to Gordie Johnson starting “All Hell For A Basement”. A similar sound can be heard layered into the song throughout its duration. The bass guitar really thickens the song as Steven Carquez plays overtop of the noise at the start of the song. The lyrics in the song are quite interesting as well, it took me a couple of listens before I figured out what I think is the meaning of the song, the title of the song gives a big clue in what the song is about as well. Now the ending of the song is something that I have a question about, I started to think if Victor Simoes was going for a similar sound as Ozzy Osbourne sings in “I’m Coming Home” but changing the lyrics to “I’m Going Home” instead.

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