Hawking EP

A few months ago Hawking Released their latest self titled EP. The Ep is a well rounded blend of Pop, Punk and Alternative Rock. I was able to watch the guys perform the songs live first before I was able to fully listen to the album, and I can tell you the guitar parts on this album are genuine and innovative. Hawking uses a few different styles and techniques to give their songs a different appeal and their own style/sound. “Systole” is one of these songs where Tom and Benji use their technical playing to give the song a interesting and entertaining listen.

The album starts off with “Safe And Sound” which is one of my favourites off of the album. Right away Hawking shows their talent for timing, which you will experience throughout the EP. The vocals from Tom draws me into the song, as they are not the similar smooth and glossy vocals that you would expect to hear on a pop song. Tom gives out more of a alternative and aggressive approach, but not too aggressive to the point the vocals overlap and destroy the sound of the guitars. The backing vocals which appear to give the song an echoing effect but they hit in just the right spots and only last for a couple of seconds each time.

If I had to choose what song I would send to radio especially commercial radio “Books On Tape” definitely would be the track that I would send. The aggressive nature and higher toned guitars seems to fit in with what the Edge or similar brands are playing right now. The chanting vocals also are a great fit towards the song as well. This is a small spot but I think it commends merit where Hawking has gone an extra step and using the different effect and sound that goes into the chant rather than a simply layered track which does sound superficial more times than not.

Now do yourself a favour and listen to the guitar parts in “Systole” especially at the beginning.