Hays Code


Hays Code
Self Titled
With all of the 90’s alternative bands getting back together, Touring and putting out new albums, Kingston’s own Hays Code have put together a 90’s alternative album of their own. The vocals from Cody Wilson is one of the main driving behind Hays Code Alternative sound. He has that higher end raspy voice which he uses to elevate or decrease the flow or sound of each song.

The opening track on the album is titled “River And The Cliff”. This is a good example Cody being able to control his vocals and not go overboard and put tension on the song. I really like how he doesn’t overdue it in the chorus section and keeps the levels going the same between the vocals and guitars. The lead guitar in the song adds a nice texture to the song with the vibrative sound. Within the drums I found the snare really hit throughout the track as well, almost where it actually overshadows the cymbals in the song.

“Come Home” is an acoustic track number. The tempo of the track is down considering the past couple of tracks. Cody even drops the rasp down quite considerably to blend in with the track. The electric guitar that is layered on top of the acoustics definitely breaks up a strict acoustic sound in the song. The lead work even works out well within the bridge.
With the final song on the album “Stay Quiet” I would say is a nod to I Mother Earth. I’m pretty much basing this off of the intro in the song. The guitar work stretches away a bit comparing to the previous tracks on the album. I really like the backing vocals that hit at the two minute mark, it’s really small and I wish this sound would appear a bit more throughout the track more than it does. This also is a mark and a nod to 90’s alternative sound as well, it’s also driving me bat shit crazy because I can’t think of the Canadian band that has this sound appear in their songs, I would like to put my money on Bush however.

Even though it’s late to pick a first single off of the album, if I had the choice before they released the album I would definitely go with Stay Quiet. The total 90’s alternative package with the song makes the top of the list for me.