Hidden Roots Collective Come Up, Honey


Hidden Roots Collective
Come Up, Honey
The highlight throughout Come Up, Honey are the harmonies which Annie Sumi, Brigitte Lebel
Holly Cunningham and Rose-Erin Stokes bestow upon your ears. Each song on Come Up, Honey, has a very well balanced atmospheric sound. Each member of Hidden Roots Collective have such an amazing ability to balance and blend their vocals to apply almost as a simultaneous four layer vocal track into one. So instead of having four separate tones and sounds with Hidden Roots Collective you get a solid thicker sound. Now this doesn’t apply to the entire album but a good base of their sound throughout. The harmonies do base themselves around having a lead vocalist and backing vocals/harmonies. Within the songs Hidden Roots Collective reflect the meaning of the lyrics by providing a higher or lower/deeper tones within their vocals.

The songs on Come Up, Honey range from Folk, Jazz, Pop and even a touch of the Blues as well. The Acoustic Guitar is the prominent instrument being played throughout the album, ( I added “Played” just to cease an argument on the vocals being the prominent instrument). There are also signs of Brass and Organ which can be heard throughout the album as well. A small sense of percussion also makes an appearance in the album as well. It is quite interesting in hearing the subtle differences between each lead instrument and how that specific instrument leads into the sound of the vocals as well.

Currently I have a couple of favourites from the album which are “So Much More”, “Jump Right In”, and their interesting cover of “Wicked Game”. With their cover version of “Wicked Game”, Hidden Roots Collective really turn the song right around and make this song their own. This would be a definite song to mention to CBC for the Under The Covers.

With the song “So Much More”, it is the lyrics and powerful lead vocals which grabbed my attention the first time I listened to the track. The Backing harmonies contribute so much raw power to the overall vocal performance throughout the song, especially when the lead vocals join in with the harmonies within the bridge of the song. Lyrically it would be interesting if this song is written about a personal experience or yet a set of eyes looking into a certain, or particular situation which the songwriter may have been exposed to. I addition of the percussion in the song really pulls in the deepened of the song and helps fill in the high tones in the track. The violin is also a smooth transitional piece added to the song as well.

“Jump Right In” is one of the songs which add a touch of Blues to the album. Also you can add Doo Wop due in lieu of the vocals. The rhythm is a little for me is what brings the Blues feel to the track. There is still no taking away the awe inspiring sound of the lead vocals away throughout the track. In fact for me it’s the lead vocal performance within the chorus which makes this song stand out for me. My favourite excerpt is “Too Jump Right In, The waters fine”. There is something about the way “ The waters fine” that catches me every time I listen to the song.