Illyrian Round 2:Fight

Round 2:Fight

Illyrian New Album Round 2:Fight is a mix of Alternative Offerings and Thrash Metal. The guitars throughout the album border along the Alternative Avenue but definitely possess The Thrash attributes to the album. The vocals are also another reason why this album is considered a Metal Album as well. There is almost a trio of vocal tensions as well, Between the Growls, The lead vocals, and the chanting backing vocals.

The opening track “Walking In Sunshine” has quite the interesting intro. I found the intro was a interesting cut and also a challenge from Illyrian as well, why go to such a length to span away from your sound especially with a track that is suppose to make your listeners drive right into the album. The synth intro goes with their video game former selves, luckily this only appears for about a minute, to which you are quickly led to a quick but tight Guitar solo. The mix of the growls and alternative vocals goes hand in hand within this track and throughout the album. The lead vocals are definitely the head and lead layer in the track. The guitar solos are also placed quickly throughout the track especially during the leads.

Up next is the title track Round 2:Fight. The left to right method with the guitars is something that I haven’t heard in awhile, as a quick chop it’s still something that stands out in the song. Again the duelling vocals make for a decent project together. The guitars really shred during the song and definitely explode away from the vocals. The timing in the track between the drums and the guitars works out pretty good. I would have really liked to the hear the speed of the pounding kick drum turned up a little bit more, pretty much just to help express the Thrash in the track that much more.

All I want to know with the track “Opulent & Imperial” if there was a certain hidden nod to the Trailer Park Boys in this track within the lyrics.

My favourite song is the sixth track titled “Mindbender”. Right after the quick sound effect intro, the guitars take over this song for me. The timing is essential leading up to the thirty four second mark. Then the headbanging with the guitars takes over. After I listened to “Mindbender” a couple of times and playing with the volume in different manners, I thought that the guitar riff could use a bit more speed to punctuate the effect a bit more. I imagine live this section of the song must really pop. Throughout the track they throw in a couple of really strong riffs that carry out the song. Yet again the chanting backing vocals and the growls mixed with the lead vocals push through the song. The snare work with the drums really sound off. I would have like to hear the drum rolls pop a little more than they did, just having the volume turned up on the mixing end would do the trick I would think.