Inire Cauchemar


A couple of weeks ago Inire released their brand new album titled Cauchemar. Cauchemar is an album for all Metal Guitar Enthusiasts. The album holds strong onto their Solid Metal Roots, and they have also thrown in a few different elements into their sound as well. If you look deep enough into the guitar work in periodic and sporaditc areas you will find that there is a definite Thrash Metal mark on the album. To say what element is the hardest hitting on the album it’s a tie between every member of the band. Not one instrument or member out does each other and steals the thunder on the album, This is one of those few albums where you get a complete package. I found the timing throughout the album is a crucial factor in the success of a few songs take “Endless” for example. The timing with the start and stop moments and the lead off segments is what makes the song slide together.

The vocals, now the vocals is something that you cannot shy or look away from. The shear force of the screams throughout the album must take its toll on Dre Versaille by the end of the night playing this song live. If you are a fan of Pantera then your are going to enjoy just not the vocals but you get another shot of influence with the guitars. But again the Screams, there is so much depth in them, it’s just not the high pitched scream but a mild and deep scream that leads and stretches out depending on the song. I should also mention as well that I feel there is a sense of Disturbed hidden within the vocals and guitars throughout as well. With the guitars I should illiterate and go with the Rhythm end when it comes to Disturbed.

Now still building along the mention of the word Rhythm quickly there. For me this is where Cauchemar has a depth of completion in. Each song isn’t chopped up or just a mash of guitars, drums and vocals, each song flows into each other and especially have a rhythmical element to each.

After a quick instrumental track titled “Avidya” to ease you into the album Inire quickly hit you to the wall with the track “Wide Awake”. Inire gives you a official welcome scream from Dre which is then followed by a heavy handed riff. Just after a minute they introduce you with what will be one of many to come catchy rhythms. The overdubbing vocals that play about halfway in the song instantly made me think of White Zombie the first time I heard it.

Notable tracks off of Cauchemar for me are Wide Awake, Crash, Endless, Hell Is Us (Check Out the intro), and Let It Die.