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james mauri 4

James Mauri 4

Phonographic has many different characterists that will reach fans on many different levels and genre favouritism. For me personally I fell more for the blues tracks on the album. The album also has a classic rock sense appeal throughout many different tracks, and even fans of 90’s alternative will probably see a couple of tracks suitable for their ears as well.

Three Tracks down and laying down a blues track onto Phonographic “Walking The Tracks” does just this. James Vocals fit nicely into the groove throughout the song. I was actually surprised by the amount the acoustics play just as a heavy hand as the low end in the song. The bridge work in the song has its benefits, they keep it tight and very exciting. The first time I listened to the track I thought for sure these spots were going to sport a full on Jam. I could see the excitement happen in the live version of this song.

Up next is the first single from the titled “Astronaut”. The intro to the song I think fans of 90’s Smashing Pumpkins will enjoy and be able to relate to, or really any fans of the 90’s alternative movement. The song offers a few different varieties of moods and tones. The vocals have a special effect layered onto the music. The clarity is the biggest point for me. Following up is you can tell that the vocals is the main layer onto the song as it surpasses the instrumental power in the song.

“Gotsa Be Told” gives the album another shot of the blues. The main riff in the song is quite easy going also as easy to follow. The bass grooves in the song follow hand in hand with the guitar grooves as well. The vocals also have a different flavour and touch compared to “Walking The Tracks” as well.

In “Aberlin” all it took was the first two seconds of the intro guitar lick to grab my ears. This is one of those times where the opening lick should have been extended to at least ten or so seconds.